Byrant Connex groupWhen outside temperatures are pushing into the 80's and 90's, combined with unbearable humidity, the idea of having the biggest, strongest air conditioning system blasting you with a wave of cold air is a pretty refreshing thought.

The truth is, however, that while the dog days of summer may have  you convinced that you need more HVAC horsepower, you'd be better served by a system that is just the right size. A properly sized system will actually cool your home better than that industrial model you are dreaming of. Most importantly, it will cost you a lot less money, both now and in the future, and here is why.

Bigger Doesn't always mean better when installing a new system.

An oversized A/C will roar to life and blast air into your home. Because the cool air rushes into the space quickly, your thermostat will be fooled into thinking that the entire home is comfortable, resulting in the system being shut down. However, since not enough cold air will have been actually added to the mix, warm air will cause the unit to start up again and this cycle will continue over and over again.

This repeated cycling does not cool your home very well, wastes energy, wears out your system, and doesn't allow air to be dehumidified, therefore leading to hazardous mold problems. If your current system runs like this, or if you are about to invest in a new system, you will need to get one that is properly sized to fit your home

ABCO's Comfort Specialists can help you make the right choice. We will consider several factors in determining the perfect system for your home, including:

The end result will be a system that costs less to purchase, keeps your home comfortable, is more energy-efficient and lasts much longer. Call us for your FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE!!